What To Consider Before Buying Casual Shoes

Buying the perfect pair of shoes is a great way to look well dressed and feel good too. When one takes a bit of effort in putting together the right kind of clothes and other accessories, it is also important to finish the look by wearing the right kind of shoes as well. Whether it is formal or casual wear, shoes truly make the man!

Buying casual shoes:

There are a few important aspects to consider in buying the right kind of shoes for casual wear. Whether it is a man doing the purchasing or a woman, casual shoes can be a source of comfort and style.

Colours and clothes:

For this, you should first examine your wardrobe to figure out what are the predominant colours in it. Choosing casual footwear could be done with an idea of getting matching footwear to as many clothes that you have. Brown, black, beige or even a grey pair of casual shoes will go with plenty of clothes. In fact, you can even think of the colour of the belts that you have so everything comes together smoothly. Also, casual shoes can be changed according to the clothes that one will be wearing. For instance, jeans go well with wide and low heels.

Trying the shoe on for size:

While buying shoes, one should keep in mind the length, girth and fit of the shoe. There should be enough room for the toes to wiggle around in the shoes. The girth of the shoe should be just right – the feet should not be gripped too tightly and neither should they move around inside the shoes. It is a good idea to walk around for a minute or two wearing the shoes before buying them. Also, wait till the evening to buy shoes as the feet will be at their full length at that time. Wear your socks before you try the shoes so you get a better fit. The shoes should be comfortable and should be conducive for relaxation.

It is in the heels:

Casual shoes can be worn for many occasions including things like pool parties and outdoor events as well. The height of the heels should be enough to keep the full length trousers resting on the top of the shoes. Skirts can be combined with slightly taller heels. Choosing from a range of loafers, flat shoes and skimmers is a good idea to mix and match the height of the heels and the clothes that you will want to pair them up with.

To lace or not to lace?

More often than not, shoes with laces are considered as formal wear. Today, there are plenty of options for shoes which have laces but can be considered as casual wear too. The assessment lies in the eyes of the buyer of the shoes. Trying shoes with laces will work out fine if the general look and feel of the shoes is casual. By all means, try out multiple pairs of shoes with and without laces to get a better idea of what works and what does not.

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